Predictable Revenue
Using AI

Unleash Machine Learning on Your Data. Hyper-Personalize Your Customer Experience.

From ideation to execution, delightfully impressive.”

Ross Twiddy

CEO, Twiddy & Company Vacation Rentals

Sales Booster

Drive increased AOV and revenue per transaction with personalized shopper-level recommendations, promotions, and price elasticity.

+10-15% Typical Revenue Gain

Product Optimizer

Automate product recommendations for each customer & identify SKU-level discounts that maximize gross margin and conversion rates.

+5-8% Gross Margin Gain

Customer Insights Wizard

Forecast the lifetime revenue potential of every single customer; identify lookalike shoppers even before a purchase; and generate granular, highly-similar audience segments.

+10-15% Typical Revenue Gain

Inventory Magic

Precisely forecast your inventory production and requirements – automatically. Use ML predictions of future demand of each SKU to plan, purchase, and optimize your supply chain.

+8-15% Typical COGS Efficiency Gain

Featured Integrations

Enterprise-Grade AI.
No IT Overhead.

Jarvis ML elegantly packages all the components of an end-to-end machine learning platform together into a simple SaaS solution. Connect your data, activate your Jarvis products and the platform will take it from there.

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