Your Customer’s Clicks And Context Is A Feedback Loop

Listen to their clues to guide a shopper’s journey for a smoother path to purchase.
Your customers came to your site – but didn’t find what they were looking for on the first page of search results, and left – leading to lost sales.


Guide A Shopper’s Journey Into Your Site, From Exploration To Purchase
Today’s customers expect a tailored experience, so a search on a retailer’s site needs to serve as a personalized assistant for every customer – anticipating and catering to their needs. Jarvis ML uses contextual, identity and intent-based cues to guide the shopper’s journey.
If a shopper searches “sweater” on your retail site, consider the following cues:
In a static world, every user’s search results are always the same, regardless of their context, interests, or location.

With Jarvis ML’s Product Discovery Engine, your shopper’s search results are personalized just for them.

As A Result

Personalized Product Recommendations Can Boost Your Revenue By


How It Works

With a simple and fast integration (under 10 minutes), Jarvis ML does all the heavy lifting that transforms your data into personalized search results. With our Shopify plugin, it’s even faster – under 5 minutes. No AI experience required.